Become School Owner

You Can Start a Medical Assistant School inside Your Practice.

Simply put, we provide everything you need to run a Medical assistant training school inside your office. This is a completely turn-key business, we can even manage the advertising, administration and enrollment process, if you want? All areas of Medical Assisting required for the State Board certifications are covered so that students fully meet registration and licensing requirements.  We have a one hundred percent success rate for getting state license approved for both schools and students.  And we offer advanced CE Training for the registered Medical assistants after they complete the 12  week program.

Let’s talk money…

With just 10 students per class @ $4,500 tuition each, your class revenue for a 12-week period is $45,000.

We recommend a total of 12-week (two hours on a week night and 5 hours on weekend)) classes per year (meaning you can operate 1-3 classes per quarter) with one week off between each session plus additional time off for holidays. Following this formula, your earning potential for 8 classes of 10 students each is $360,000 a year — on top of whatever you’re making from your normal practice production.

How Much Will This School Cost To Start-Up?

Our leading competitor charges $46k for a Medical assisting school and they offer very little support and zero administrative service. Moreover, they do not get students for you. We offer a substantially better value for significantly less than our competitors cost.

Our prices start at $39k for most states except New York and California (where the prices start at $53.5k).

We provide administration, enrollment, management and most importantly the marketing needed to get students.

In addition, our competitors charge monthly and annual royalties, we do not. We charge zero extra fees, we offer one time price for life. And ownership is transferable, meaning you can sell it.